Our Innovative Packaging

Airtight Powder Shaker PATENTED

The first airtight packaging for loose powder! Our patented Airtight Powder Shaker is the only [...]

Refillable Stick PAT. PEND.

Our Refillable Stick Packaging concerns sustainability.  The simplified refill packaging involves only 4 parts that [...]

Refillable Lipstick PAT. PEND.

Our new patented pending Refillable Lipstick that is unlike any other refillable lipsticks on the [...]

Aluminum Lipstick PAT. PEND.

  NVI are proud to launch our Mono Aluminum Lipstick in both slim and regular [...]

Auto Flip-Up Puff Pocket Compact

Our new patented Auto Flip-Up Puff Pocket Compact allows its puff rising at 45-degree when [...]

Mono Aluminum Deo Stick

NVI is delighted to introduce our new innovative Refillable Deodorant Stick that is made of [...]

Mono Aluminum Compact

Our new innovative Mono Aluminum Compact has an invisible magnetic closure.  It features with a [...]

Refillable Mascara

  “I just need to push down by thumb rather than pick up the refill [...]

Refillable Aluminum Compact

  Our mono aluminum compact is not just refillable.  It also features with its auto [...]

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