Refillable Aluminum Compact


Our mono aluminum compact is not just refillable.  It also features with its auto flip-up applicator pocket.    It allows its applicator rising at 45-degree when compact is opened.  The applicator holds in place without touching the powder so it is kept clean, dry, and with no contamination.  It is light and slim with magnetic closure to provide clean and elegant look.

The compact is also available in ABS.

MakeUp in Paris 2023

Our first-ever MakeUp in Paris exhibition was very successful especially our innovative packaging, Refillable Lipstick, was of the the nominees of the IT (Innovations & Trends) Awards.  The packaging is not only completely made of aluminum but it also combines esthetics and functionality and makes it easy to replace a new bullet in the case.  Let’s meet again in 2024!

Refillable Mascara


“I just need to push down by thumb rather than pick up the refill pack.  It’s very smart, clean, and easy.”  says an cosmetic expert.

Our Refillable Mascara let you experience a unique way to refill.  The outer shell is made of aluminum and the refill pack is made of PP with aluminum bottom cover that perfectly matches with the outer shell.  The creative packaging simply holds esthetics, functionality, and sustainability together.

Airtight Powder Shaker PATENTED

The first airtight packaging for loose powder!

Our patented Airtight Powder Shaker is the only one of its kind.  The on/off design requires one-action-operation only.  Simply twist to release the holes and its top cover will pop up automatically.  No more messy powder around.  Sealing around holes and the turning disc prevents product got leaked and moist.

The one of a kind is available in 100ml and 150ml.  It can be made out of TPE / PETG / PET / TPR / glass.

NBT-1234 PATENTED Airtight Powder Shaker (100ml)

NBT-1235 PATENTED Airtight Powder Shaker (150ml)

NBT-1278 PATENTED Airtight Powder Shaker (100ml)

Refillable Lipstick PAT. PEND.

Our new patented pending Refillable Lipstick that is unlike any other refillable lipsticks on the market.  The cartridge in typical refillable lipstick packaging on the market needs to be thrown away with the old stick and replaced with a new cartridge with a new stick.  Our refillable lipstick keeps the cartridge in the case and comes with a refill pack that easily replaces the old stick.  Options of magnetic and snap fit refill are available.  Because of this, it achieves less cost, reduces waste, saves energy, is environmentally friendly, and further simplifies disposal.

Please visit below link to watch our video for details:

Aluminum Lipstick PAT. PEND.


NVI are proud to launch our Mono Aluminum Lipstick in both slim and regular designs.  All parts are made of aluminum including inner cap that holds the bulk while it is only available in plastic on market.   The single material can simplify disposal process.  The overall recycling process is faster, more efficient, less energy-consumption, and more cost-effective.

NLK-0285 Mono Aluminium Lipstick

NLK-0286 Slanted Mono Aluminium Lipstick